45. Presidential Cycling Tour

45. Turkish Presidential Cycling Tour was organized between 12-19 April by the Turkey Cycling Federation, under the patronage of President Mr. Abdullah Gül, with the support of Directorate-General of Youth and Sports. Being included in the International Cycling Union (UCI) and raised to the race category of 2.1, one of the most important races of the world, Turkish Presidential Cycling Tour was ran by 160 athletes from 23 countries and 20 teams. Started as President Abdullah Gül’s waving the start flag on April 12th in Istanbul Sultanahmet Square, in the 45th Turkish Presidential Cycling Tour, which is of great importance for the international promotion of Turkey; athletes of the most prestigious 18 professional teams of cycling from 23 countries, as well as those representing the German and Turkish national teams, a total of 160 athletes competed. The 8 legged, 1212 km race ended with a spectacular finale in Alanya. The race was won by South African Daryl Impey from the British Barloworld team with his no. 117 jersey with a time of 29.19.32. Barloworld team also won the “Team Award”. Daryl Impey also won the Sprint Leg (green jersey). Along the tour; General Ranking (yellow jersey) Sprint (green jersey) King of The Mountain (uphill – red jersey) and the Beauties of Turkey (turquoise jersey) awards were given. In the 45th Turkish Presidential Cycling Tour, where each team was represented by 8 athletes, a total of 150,000 EURO monetary award was given. The Turkish National Team, formed of young athletes, competed successfully with professional athletes. Miraç Kal became 9th in the final leg, where Uğur Marmara was the 69th in General Ranking among 108 athletes who could finish the race.