Company Profile

With an experience in beverage sector originating from 1950s, Sırmarup began its operations with natural mineral water in 1991, and with natural spring water in 2002.

With an awareness for delivering the values within the nature of water and mineral water for the good of society; it is the primary mission of the company to present natural, healthy and delicious water & mineral water products that increase the quality of life and contribute to the happiness of individuals by using and improving its resources in the most efficient manner. Always aiming to create innovations as the leading player in the business, Sırmarup greatly focuses on R&D and design studies in this context, performs world-class innovative operations and brings a new approach to the business.

The leader company of water and mineral water business, Sırmarup has been nationally and globally crowned with the awards for its special-design bottles of Exclusive Water bottle designs, introducing esthetics to water.

Awarded in the category of “Superior Design” in Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards, one of the most important industrial design events in Turkey, Sırmarup was simultaneously given the award WPO “Beverage Category – Best Design” in World Star Design Contest organized by World Packaging Organization and strengthened its trademark perception in this scope.

As well as its water and mineral water products, becoming a strong player in beverage business with its the recently introduced Lemonade products, Sırmarup product range is as follows; Sırma Water products family; 19 lt carboys, 0,5 lt plastic bottles, Exclusive glass bottles, licensed glass and plastic Pepee Water.

Mineral water products family is varied as; plain natural mineral water in plastic and glass bottles, fruit flavored mineral water, vitamin added mineral water, Sırma Exclusive glass bottle mineral water and Sırma Schorle with its high fruit juice content.

Sırma has introduced its lemonade products in 2012, and its Ice Tea products in 2013.

Sırma grup has a Turkey-wide distribution network and logistics organization as well as its production and filling facilities. Outside the Turkish market, it exports to about 37 countries.

It carries out its production activities in a total of 5 facilities; 2 in Sapanca, 1 in Burdur, 1 in Aydın being the four natural spring water filling facilities, and 1 natural mineral water filling facility in Bursa.