Human Resources

Sırmarup aims to find, employ and retain talented workforce in order to maintain and further improve its innovative and dynamic structure.

For this goal, the Company continues to realize modern human resources applications. The company will again use Sırmarup’s natural, healthy and innovative products in the most accurate and efficient manner in the next period, and will focus on retaining and improving the talented workforce, sharing the mission of adding health and quality to the lives of consumers.

Defining the contribution to the personal and professional developments and supporting the achievements of its employees as one of its main goals, the Company provides various training opportunities for its employees.

In this frame, trainings were held on the subjects of quality systems, occupational safety, and food hygiene in 2013. Studies on the establishment of career and performance management systems are still underway.

Aiming to have an unwavering reputation and trust in the eyes of its business partners and employees, the Company intends to increase the feeling of belonging of its employees for this purpose.

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