Sırma U 13 League

Sırmarup showed the attention they pay to infrastructure by becoming the sponsor to U 13 Football League. The league, which will be played with the title “Sırma U 13 League (Sırma U 13 Minikler Ligi)”, has 400 teams. Uniforms of the teams in Sırma U 13 League is provided by Sırmarup, and were distributed to our clubs in a ceremony at Burhan Felek Sports Complex joined by Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Chairman Mahmut Özgener, Sırmarup Chairman of the Board Davut Dişli, TFF 1st Deputy Chairman Lütfi Arıboğan, TFF Member of the Board Levent Kızıl, TFF Football General Coordinator Ersun Yanal and two of our FIFA referees, Hüseyin Göçek and Fırat Aydınus.